YRP Wireless IOT Service
eCall Test Environment

This service enables our customers to conduct tests based on the eCall test requirement, EN16454,
by operating European authorized PSAP server for eCall testing directly. Customers are able to connect their developing devices at their site to the PSAP server via commercial public network and are able to confirm that their IVE/IVS is commencing the emergency call properly, correct MSD is transmitted, and the voice connection between PSAP and IVE/IVS is established. By operating PSAP by themselves and
by conducting the tests at the customer’s site, improvement of test efficiency can be expected.

*In case of the voice call test, YRP staff receives the calls using an IP phone at YRP site.


PSAP server operation console can be manipulated remotely.
Voice communication test is also available by using IP phones.
Test items conducted at the “eCall Interoperability event” hosted by ERTICO/ETSI are also available.

Test Case
List of available tests (Examples) Ref: EN 16454 9.4 State transition conformance tests for IVS
PE eCall IVS CTP # Testing Purpose
CTP, Conformance when ignition is OFF, and self-test when Power-On
CTP eCall automatically activated, and triggered eCall initiation
CTP eCall manually activated, and triggered eCall
CTP Verify activation of test eCall
CTP Manual termination of eCall by vehicle occupants not allowed, etc.
CTP, Set-up TS12 call with eCall identifier (flag) set up ‘automatic’/ ‘manual’
CTP Set-up TS11 call to test number
CTP eCall is attempted when no network are available, etc.
CTP,, Send MSD with indicator set to ‘Automatic’/ ‘Manually’/ ‘Test Call’ initiated eCall
CTP Verify MSD transfer, etc.
CTP Establish voice link to PSAP, MSD transfer request, etc.
CTP Clear down call/eCall automatically/upon T2 expiry, etc.
CTP Call-back allowed/answered by IVS, and MSD transfer upon PSAP request, etc.

<Basic conditions for use>
1. Upon application, we provide our customer with the Username and Password to log in to the Web Interface of PSAP and the user’s manual. After logging in, customers are requested to set the Test Case by themselves using the Operation Console. Customers are also requested to analyze logs by themselves.

2. Customers are also requested to prepare SIM cards necessary for the test and pay the related communication fee.

3. Conclusion of NDA is required to use this service.