YRP Wireless IOT Service

In-Car Speech Communication Quality Evaluation Service


YRP, Inc. provides services relating to the evaluation of quality of in-car speech communications system for auto manufacturers and manufacturers of automotive electronics such as the support service for tests relating to ERA-GLONASS GOST R-55531 and the service relating to the evaluation of performance of in-car communications technology in general.
Our customers are able to expect the improvement of test efficiency and realization of safe and secure product development with higher quality.

Support for speech communication quality test defined in GOST R-55531 for ERA-GLONASS,
Russian emergency call systems for vehicle collision, is available.

In case our customer has their own device for speech communication evaluation, we will set the test parameter for the device, operate it, analyze the test results and make suggestion for better solution, etc.  Report of the test result is also available upon request.

Services to evaluate the performance of speech communication systems in general are available such as the hands-free tuning for automobile and IVE/IVS.

Consulting and advice are available concerning the layouts and tuning of microphones, speakers, and audio units to establish the best-suited quality of in-car speech communications.

We provide database of environmental noise (conforming to the advice of ITU-T) that can be expected inside and outside a vehicle when a car stops, runs, is involved in a traffic jam or an accident.

The database consists of environmental noises recorded for 3 minutes each.

Followings are the samples.
*Noises recorded in a car under different conditions: high-speed traveling, street traveling, keeping the windows opened/closed, in fine weather/rainy weather.  Cars are 13 types of passenger car, recreational vehicle, mini-van, truck, city bus, trains (high-speed rail, regional rail, suburban railway, and metro), airplane, ship (ferryboat), etc.

Special Feaure

Support of the engineers specialized in the field of speech communications evaluation technology is available.

Support of Japanese engineers are available, who have accumulated know-hows and technical skills concerning the speech communications quality, hands-free, sounds, voice recognition, and well-experienced in the test support and consulting service for auto manufacturers and manufacturers of automotive electronics.

Test in an environment closer to a traffic accident with expected environmental noises is available.

The service enables the evaluation in an environment closer to the real traffic accident by reproducing severe environmental noises that can be expected inside and outside of a car in case of a traffic accident.
When evaluating the speech communication quality in Japan for the case of the outdoor traveling or vehicle collision, verification of speech communications quality will be available by combining the service with the “ERA-GLONASS PSAP User Operation Service” using commercial public network.