YRP Wireless IOT Service
ERA-GLONASS PSAP User Operation Service

This service enables our customers to operate PSAPs directly to conduct required tests for ERA-GLONASS based on GOST-R 55530 and GOST-R 55533. Through operating PSAPs by themselves, increase of test efficiency can be expected as customers are able to check directly whether their IVE or IVS is commencing the emergency call properly, correct MSD is transmitted, and the voice connection between PSAP and IVE/IVS is established or not.
*In case of the voice call test, YRP staff will receive the calls using an IP phone at YRP site.

We hope this service will be utilized as the opportunity for preliminary confirmation before conducting tests in Russia.

*To realize this service, Yokosuka Telecom Research Park Inc. concluded the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for technical cooperation with GLONASS UNION, a promoter of “ERA-GLONASS,” in charge of the administration and management of ERA-GLONASS Test PSAP server.

Network Configuration

1. Connecting to ERA-GLONASS PSAP server in YRP


2. Connecting to ERA-GLONASS PSAP server in RUSSIA

List of available test *1

No. Test Item 1 2 Note
1 Transmission of MSD by in-band modem  v v  
2 Transmission of MSD by SMS v v  
3 Transmission of MSD with RTA data  v v  
4 Transmission of acceleration profile data v v  
5 Transmission  of  vehicle  movement  path  data v v  
6 Setting IVS configuration parameter v v  
7 Power on and self test v v  
8 Emergency call automatically activated  v v *2
9 Emergency call manually activated  v v *2
10 Set-up TS11 call to test number  v v  
11 Verification of MSD contents  v v  
12 Establish voice link to PSAP v v *3
13 Callback allowed/ answered by IVS v N/A  

*1 Available test items may change.
*2 The call is TS11 call.
*3 Only the voice guidance is to be reproduced in case of the use of Test PSAP server provided by

Basic conditions for use
  1. Upon application, we provide our customer with the Username and Password to log in to the Web Interface of PSAP and the User’s Manual. After logging in, customers are requested to set the Test Case by themselves using the Operation Console. Customers are also requested to analyze logs by themselves.

  2. Customers are also requested to prepare SIM cards necessary for the test and pay the related communication fee.

  3. Conclusion of NDA is required to use this service.

  4. In case of the use of Test PSAP provided by GLONASS UNION, it is mandatory for us to submit the use report to GLONASS UNION. Please be informed that we will ask users to submit the test information after the use and report its summary to GLONASS UNION. Only the test information are to be reported, and the report will not include any other information (e.g. user names).
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