YRP Wireless IOT Service
Service Outline

Yokosuka Telecom Research Park, Inc. (YRP, Inc.) provides services for the auto manufacturers and manufacturers of automotive electronics that can be utilized in conducting development tests of IVE/IVS corresponding emergency call systems for vehicle collision, “eCall” in Europe and “ERA-GLONASS” in Russia, and services related to the evaluation of in-car speech communications quality.

These services enable our customers to test their developing IVE/IVS at the customer’s test site by connecting those IVE/IVS to the PSAP server corresponding to eCall/ERA-GLONASS installed in YRP, Inc. via public network. Customers are able to operate PSAPs by themselves and can expect better test efficiency.

YRP, Inc. provides support services related to the evaluation of the quality of in-car speech communications defined in ERA-GLONASS GOST R-55531.   Also, services to evaluate the performance of in-car hands-free system and technical consulting service for the improvement of products are provided.
By using these services, our customers are able to expect the realization of product development conforming GOST standard with higher quality and with more emphasis on safety and security.
Details of these services are available in the pages of “eCall,” “ERA-GLONASS,” and “Speech Communications Quality Evaluation Service” in this website.